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Aironet AP1000 Documentation

I have a few Aironet AP1000-E's and I am looking for more info on these units; I found the User's Guide for the 2000 and 1000 series WAPs for Ethernet on (after much searching)...

Of course, this is a small (12 page) manual and it refers me to the "AP1000-E / AP2000-E Technical Reference Manual" --- Naturally, I have been unable to locate this manual on <<Story of my life>>

Does anyone on this forum know where I can locate a copy of this Tech. Ref. Man. (preferrably in PDF format) ???

Any help will be most appreciated!!!

G/Fee, JCPenney Co, Dallas, TX


Re: Aironet AP1000 Documentation

I assume that you are looking for documentation on Aironet 1100 and 1200 APs.

Check this out for aironet 1100:

The next one is for aironet 1200AP:

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Re: Aironet AP1000 Documentation

Thanks for the try, but no... I am looking for the materials I mentioned previously... Aironet 1000 & 2000 DOC... I spotted the various other models 1100, 1200, etc, but those are not the particular model with which I am having troubles.

I found a limited amount of Aironet 1000/2000 doc on CISCO, just not the Technical reference book... Guess I keep looking...


Cisco Employee

Re: Aironet AP1000 Documentation

Hi These products were end of life and end of support pior to Cisco aquiring Aironet and as such there is no documentation on our website for these products other than what could be copied across from the old Aironet site, which sounds like you have already found

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Re: Aironet AP1000 Documentation

I was afraid of that; I had hoped someone out there might have the manual in electronic form and be willing to share. I guess my search will continue. Thanks for the feedback.

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