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Aironet BRE101E password recovery

This is the text I have when I connect the Bridge via serial port:

Aironet BRE101E V6.38 Main Menu ICL

Option Value Description

1 - Configuration [ menu ] - General configuration

2 - Statistics [ menu ] - Display statistics

3 - Registration [ menu ] - Registration table maintenance

4 - Filter [ menu ] - Control packet filtering

5 - Logs [ menu ] - Alarm and log control

6 - Privilege [ readonly] - Set privilege level

7 - Help - Introduction

Enter an option number or name

> _

When I try to change Privilege to "write" the Wireless Bridge asks for password. I don't have it and I want to know what should I do to recover it. Open the box and erase the fash manually? It so, how exactly? If there is a way to do it through console commands ... It would be the best solution.

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Re: Aironet BRE101E password recovery

Based on the documentation covering password recovery listed below, it seems you will be required to return the device for adjustments. Contact the Technical Assistance Center and work with them towards a resolution.

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Re: Aironet BRE101E password recovery

Unfortunately, the equipment was bought from someone who sold it as his own, without mentioning that it was made by Aironet (then it was just Aironet, without Cisco). After discovering that fact, any contacts with the vendor was stopped and now I don't think there is a way to return the device for adjustment, because there is no any Contract Number, or any other link to Cisco Systems Company.

I even can not contact the TAC for more information because of this.

Please, tell me what to do.

Thanks a lot,


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Re: Aironet BRE101E password recovery

Hi Valery, I believe I can help you, send me a e-mail.


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