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Aironet LEAP & Hot Standby

Has anyone out there managed to get Hot Standby working on a secured WLAN with LEAP? I cannot manage to get my clients to do anything more than roam to a different AP with LEAP. When I enable the standby on the second AP and take down the Ethernet on the Prim AP the clients will stay associated to the Prim AP. Clients will only happen to move to the secondary AP if they get lucky or are closer to the secondary AP than the prim (roaming basically). The standby mode appears to start on the secondary unit OK. The secondary unit will go from a client to a root after I enable the standby however, which I find odd. The secondary AP will authenticate about 2 or 3 times with my ACS server and then it seems to drop it's association to the main AP due to inactivity, even when I set the LEAP sessions to timeout every 10 seconds. Once the hot standby is enabled on the secondary AP and you look at the properties for Hot Standby the system will not say that hot standby is active, it will only say it is active and monitoring right after it is started and the screen refreshes automatically. Is there any documentation on the type of traffic that the standby mode sends so I could monitor or capture it? Is hot standby broken with LEAP?

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Re: Aironet LEAP & Hot Standby

Sorry forgot to mention that the AP are Aironet 350s with Aironet 350 clients PCI and PCMCIA.

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