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Aironet spec


it will be nice if anyone clarify my doubts below.

1. How many MAC address storage does Aironet 350 supports , in otherwords what is the maximum nodes it can support at one end ??

2. What is maximum practical distance Aironet 350 support with external antenna.


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Re: Aironet spec

1. I believe the physical number of MAC addresses is 2048. In all practicality you would put the same number of clients you would feel comfortable puttiing on a 10 MB hub. (Around 20 maybe 30 depending on data needs.)

2. With a dish antenna you could probably go a half mile. This question doesn't have a right answer though. There are too many variables. What a farmer gets in the middle of Arizona, will be different than a office in New York in a high rise building. Like the saying goes: You need a site survey!

By the way unless you have a 350 already, you should look at the Cisco 1100.

Good Luck

Fred Juch

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Re: Aironet spec

RF Propagation is very predictable if you know the fundamentals.

Using the right antennas, with the normal Transmit power of the 350 and without exceeding FCC limits, you can create a reliable link at 11Mbps at up to 11km/6.8 miles.

The 25 mile range shown in marketing documentation is possible by doing one of three things:

1. Exceed FCC limits (not recommended)

2. Use a lower data rate (you can get a reliable link at 40km/25 miles at 1Mbps)

3. Drop the transmit power to 1mW and use very large, expensive antennas to get up to 60km/37 miles, but this is unlikely to be practical because of timing and the fact that you need 365 clearance above obstacles.

All of those figures assume no noise or interference, which is impractical, but you can measure and account for that as well.

Matthew Wheeler

Chief Wireless Architect

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