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Amplifiers for Aironet Antennas?

I was wondering if someone knows a company or even Cisco itself sells amplifier or amplifier connectors to the RP-TNC connector of the Aironet AP.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Amplifiers for Aironet Antennas?

The wireless LAN IP I use told me they tried a 500mW bi-directional amplifier (HyperAmp) on their Aironet AP but had noise problems. The HyperAmp product line goes all the way up to 10W amplifiers. They say they are only for export and military use so I don't know what the licensing requirements in USA for use are. They also carry a line of antennas and connectors.

Their web site is at:

John F. Parker

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Re: Amplifiers for Aironet Antennas?


The use of amplifiers on 802.11 equipment is a violation of FCC guidelines. The guidelines governing the use of amplifiers can be found in the FCC rules (Section 15.204 - Part C).

The rules basically state that it is illegal to add a power amplifier to a Part 15 device (this includes 802.11 products).

The only exception for this is if the amplifier was approved as part of the product (no 802.11 product does this), or is explicitly approved for use with the product it is connected to (no amplifier is certified for this use).

In the real world this basically means the use of amplifiers is illegal with 802.11 gear. Since no manufacturer uses them in the base approved design and no amplifier is currently approved for any 802.11 product.

That said, people will do what they will.

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Re: Amplifiers for Aironet Antennas?

Your company web site ( describes your BWIN project in Beijing. I'm sure that FCC regulations are not a problem for you there, thus the export 10W amplifiers are a real world possibility for you. Please keep your progress updated on your site--I am most interested.



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Re: Amplifiers for Aironet Antennas?

Here's a quote from a website selling 2.4Ghz amps, showing it is legal to use an amplifier, of course you'll need to by the antennas and amps together.

"Amplifier products are available for export, military and OEM sales only and as part of complete FCC Certified Systems. Hyperlink Technologies markets a variety of amplified and non-amplified FCC Certified antenna systems. Visit our website or Call for details."

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Re: Amplifiers for Aironet Antennas?

Jay, Your statement is a bit misleading. The quote state the amplifier must be part of a "complete system". Hyperlink did not bother to define what the FCC considers a compete system. Based on the FCC rule I refered to earlier, a complete system is the antenna, amplifier, and intentional radiator.

Hyperlink makes the amplifiers and antennas which in concert have been certified by the FCC. That is fine, however they do not make the intentional radiator, which is a part of the complete system.

The intentional radiator in this case is the Cisco Aironet product, which is NOT part of the complete system and is therefore not allowed.

The exception to the above rule is if Hyperlink paid for FCC certification of its antenna and amplifier with explicitly Cisco Aironet bridges. If they have done this, yes it is legal.

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