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Anchoring Guest WLAN at the DMZ

Currently running code and trying to anchor a 5508 wlan at the DMZ (4400). I have redundant controllers at the DMZ that are created for Internet access only. When I build the WLAN on the local controller, I would like to add both anchors for redundancy purposes. My first question is with two mobility anchors configured "are clients distributed in a round robin fashion or primary secondary fashion"? The next question is can both anchor controllers share the same subnet and just have different interface IP addresses?


Tom Hamilton

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Anchoring Guest WLAN at the DMZ

it will dynamically load balance between both 4400s on round robin fashion and won't work like active/standby.

Yes, all involved anchors need to have unique interface ip, it doesn't work like hsrp/vrrp. Regards to dhcp make sure you've non overlapping dhcp scope between the anchors(if internal dhcp is used).

Anchoring Guest WLAN at the DMZ


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I might also recommend having a different mobility domain name between the anchors and foreign controllers, for the DMZ. This way your foreign controllers aren't sending unnecessary mobility messages to the DMZ anchor.

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