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Antenna deployments in an environment that may possibly include blastin

Greetings Folks,

My company has a deployed AIR-ANT2012's in a manufacturing facility. The problem is that it's right next some highways that may or may not include blasting. Are there antennas that are Blast proof do they even exist?


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Re: Antenna deployments in an environment that may possibly incl

I don't think theres any such thing as a blast proof antenna, but the 2012 isn't a fragile antenna by any means. How is the antenna connected to the AP? Unless your also using some long cables, the AP is probably close to the antenna (in a box?). I'd think if these blasts are local enough to damage the antenna, you're just as likely to loose the whole thing! Even if not, your cables might get damaged by debris just like the antenna could. You can get solid metal antennas (with no plastic bits) that might be a little better but you can't buy them from Cisco. Browse around the web for WiFi part suppliers. There's always someone willing to make things for you. But make sure they have RP-TNC connections.

I think you're better off buying spares and replacing the stuff as it gets damaged.

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Re: Antenna deployments in an environment that may possibly incl

Thanks, jcornford, I appreciate the response. The antenna is just connected to the AP normally. I should have been more specific. I'm more concerned with when and if the blasting happens will it disrupt my wlan communications inside the building. This was brought up when in certain areas along the northeast if you drive through an area with active blasting they request that all radio use cease and desist. I imagine that to include, walkie-talkies, cb radios, mobile phones, and now wifi communications.

Thanks for the info!


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Re: Antenna deployments in an environment that may possibly incl

AHHH! That makes more sense. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the parties doing the blasting want all RF stopped, because they are be worried that the RF signals might interfere with their own which are likely used for remote detonation! This is a guess.

The chances of your WiFi kit interfereing with their signals however I suggest are nil. If your stuff is indoors, and I'd guess the blast site is far enough away for it to be safe for people, then your signals will not be getting as far as their equipment. WiFi (normally) simply doesn't put out enough power. If you were using directional kit outdoors, with power amplifiers than that might be a different matter! ;-)

On the other hand, I'd think it's more likely the blasting may well interefere with your WiFi! You'll have to keep an eye on your kit during the blasting!

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