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Antenna`s cable for Aironet 1500

I will like to put the 802.11 b/g antenna (for clients) in a separate way from the Aironet. I know that the antenna AIR-ANT2455V-N has "N" type connectors. Is there a antenna`s cable for this application? is it possible to do that? My scenario is a Aironet 1500 over the roof of the buildings but the roof is a reflective material... that is the reason to I will like to place the antenna under the roof.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Antenna`s cable for Aironet 1500


You can use any of the 50 Ohm impedance RF coaxial cables. RG-58, RG-8 or Heliax cables.

However, the losses because of the cable attenuation are critical. Since the antenna you have selected has only 5 dBi, this is even more important.

To avoid high loses, one must use fatter and higher grade coaxial cable. The RG-58 and it's low loss derivates (LMR195) are used for pigtails. For more than few foots the RG-8 and it's derivates (LMR400) is the next option. For over 50-100 foot's there is a need for very thick heliax cables.

There are special "N" connectors for those types of 50 Ohm RF coaxial cables. Since the connectors produce attenuation too, they should be of high quality and professionally installed.

However: those distances are appropiate for high gain antennas. An 5 dBi antenna shouldn't have a large cable.

Another way to solve the attenuation problem, is by using an amplifier. The amplifier is connected to the antena, so the cable extension stops being a factor and can be raisonably large (at least 150 foot for high grade RG-8 cable).

Best Regards,

Igor Sotelo.

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