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AP 1200 DHCP Problem???

Hi all,

Let see... I have the following senario...

At Work: SSID: XXXX and no WEP and UCB dhcpd server.

At Home: Linksys DSL Router (NAT)..

After I finish wireless connectivity at home, I couldn't obtain new IP address from DHCP Server at work.... However, my wlan card is associated to the correct SSID....

any clue?


Cisco Employee

Re: AP 1200 DHCP Problem???

Hi ,

is it Cisco wireless card ? if so make sure you are running the latest acu ,

radio firmware and drivers .

Is it windows 2000 or XP ?

By default microsoft has media disconnect sense registry ON . so if you move from home to office , operating system should detect the media disconnect and send new dhcp discovery .

When you do ipconfig /all , what do you see ? old address is still there ?

Did you try ipaddress /renew and see if it corrects the issue .

Do we have flexibility to get dhcp log and see if we are getting dhcp discovery

packet ?


Community Member

Re: AP 1200 DHCP Problem???

1) Dell Truemobile (lucent) ... and prism based wlan card were used...

2) winXP and MAC OS X

3) when I do ipconfig /all ... it showed and evenually a MS Default 169.x.x.x ip... old address is not seen

4) ipconfig /renew will result in no response

In case I didn't mention it ... I had to disable the card and re-enable the wlan card in order to make it work...

I'll try to duplicate the problem and get your some log...


Community Member

Re: AP 1200 DHCP Problem???

I was having the same problem ... disabling MIC verification and TKIP did the trick for me to get my XP laptops to get a DHCP lease. I don't need the Cisco Aironet PC Card Adaptor to connect (though it works, now, too); any 802.11 card works.

Sure wish I could get MIC and TKIP to work though ... =)


Matthew Kershaw

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