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AP 1200 losing identity

Several AP1200s were recently installed at a customer site. They were all connected to Lucent switches and powered using power injectors. In one building the access points all lost their identity one day. They were not accessable through web management at all. If the access point was rebooted it would come up fine. All of the configurations were still on it when it came back up. This following day the same thing happened in another building on the site which is on a different network segment. Is there anything that would cause the access points to do this? I am at a loss and the customer is wondering as well.

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Re: AP 1200 losing identity


It could be the following error message and open Caveat from Cisco AP1200 release notes:

CSCdy12876—1200 series access points sometimes lock up under extremely large bursts of Ethernet traffic. Reboot the access point if it locks up.

Maybe get a LAN analyser and confirm the Lucent switches are OK

Otherwise what firmware are you using? Some early releases may be a little buggy. Try the latest, 11.54T on one AP1200 and see if this resolves your issue, the firmware and release notes can be downloaded here:

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Re: AP 1200 losing identity

1200s locking up is a known issue, as the previous poster points out. I have customers who've experienced this, but they have either 30 or hundreds of APs.

11.54 may fix the problem. If not, there is a pre-release beta image (buckeye_release3) that has fixed the problem, supposedly.

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