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AP 1200 software upgrade interrupted error

I can't update the firmware on a AIR-AP1230A-A-K9 wireless acces point via http (or tftp). It reports "error:the software upgrade was interrupted and was not able to be completed". The file I'm trying to use is c1200-k9w7-tar.123-7.JA1.tar and currently it is running c1200-k9w7-tar.122-13.JA4.

I'm upgrading the firmware as WIFI connections to the AP were very weak. I can be 25' away and in line of sight and still get weak signal as reported on the wireless clients.


Re: AP 1200 software upgrade interrupted error

What is amount of free space available on the AP. You may get this error if the AP does not have space for the new image. The workaround is to use the CLI to overwrite the existing image with the new image. Try this it should work.

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Re: AP 1200 software upgrade interrupted error

Yes, I telneted and used the CLI to update the firmware. Thanks


Re: AP 1200 software upgrade interrupted error

It appears that you got the firmware update done.

Regarding the 25' line-of-sight and still a weak signal ... Do you have antennas ?

I know it sounds stupid, but many people apparently believe that there are internal antennas on the 1200 series .... and there aren't.

If it's an a/g unit, you may have a paddle antenna on the "a" radio, but there wouldn't be any for the b/g side.

The only reason I mention it at all is that a firmware upgrade would have nothing to do with the output signal strength (or receive signal quality, for that matter ...).

The only reasons for weak signal (assuming a normally functioning unit) would be:

- no antennas

- the output power is set low in the interfaces

- you told the unit you have some high-gain antennas attached and it's dropping the power output to compensate (to keep the unit within EIRP standards).

Good Luck


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