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AP 1250 dont connect ethernet!!


i have a problem wich my ap 1250. I did the basic config by CLI but when i plug it on the switch, the switch port change to up but 5 seconds after the port change to down. In the midle of the switch and the AP i use the AIR-PWRINJ4.

I only config the int bvi 1 ip, and set the default gateway.

I dont know why the ap dont connect the ethernet!

Sorry for my bad english



Re: AP 1250 dont connect ethernet!!

Typically what you met is related to power configurations on AP and switch, follow this doc to do the troubleshooting:

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Re: AP 1250 dont connect ethernet!!


but how i configure?

I made a test configuring wich that command

"power inline negotiation injector H.H.H" and don't work!


Re: AP 1250 dont connect ethernet!!

without more information, it is difficult to say what's wrong, that's why I suggest you to do the troubleshooting according to the TS Guide step by step.

Basicly the TS could be summarized as following steps:

1. Check your cable connection:

*ethernet cable is connected to AP's ethernet port not console port

*AP is connected to Power Injector's AP port, Switch is connected to Power Injector's switch port.

2. Check AP's LED and Power Injector's LED(table 3-1 and 3-2 of the TS guide show the different result)

3. Check switch's port configuration(CDP, duplex, etc)

4. Check power configuration(refer to table 3-3~6, figure 3-3)

5. Check error logs( connect to AP's console port to see if there's any error/warning mesg)

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Re: AP 1250 dont connect ethernet!!

when the AP IOS boot i receive this message "CDP_PD-4-POWER_OK: Full power - INJECTOR_DETECTED inline power source" the bv1 interface change to up and than change to down.

AP led status is green and the others are off.

The CDP protocol is enable.

I think the problem is betwen the power injector and the switch C2960G.

Any idea??


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