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AP 350 and Apple Airport Cards

We have a site that is purchasing an AP350 and would like to have Apple IMAC Airport cards access the unit. Does anyone out there have any knowledge using this configuration and are there any gotcha's to look out for. Thanks

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Re: AP 350 and Apple Airport Cards

Both are 802.11b compliant, so basically you need to configure the Imac AirPort cards with your Cisco Access Point SSID (Service Set ID). Depending with type of security policy you plan on implementing, whether WEP or LEAP you will need to define those on you Airport card as well.

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Re: AP 350 and Apple Airport Cards

Another concern you should test for prior to deployment in regards to deployment is the difference with the manufacturers security options. Each product is capable of 128 bit encryption however there may be some incompatability issues with using 128 between them as we've occasionally noticed with various wireless manufacturers; only 40 bit encryption is required to be 802.11b and WI-FI compliant. Further with security, the actual radio manufacturer uses software encryption, so when you utilize WEP you shouldn't be too surprised at the performance hit; simply incorporage this into your overall site survey and network design to provide optimal connectivity for the applications. Also, in regards to EAP or LEAP, the RF card for Airport is made by another manufacturer that doesn't use or support LEAP (Cisco's version of EAP) however does support EAP so pay close attention to any additional security issues. Lastly, the cards themselves are 30mW devices so don't be alarmed if your RF coverage cells are slightly smaller than originally anticipated. There are quite a few other things to keep in mind in the overall site survey and network design but these are primary gotcha's post install.

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