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AP and IP pool allocation.

Hi all,

could someone explain me how

and in which phase AP allocate IP address

from DHCP pool for authenticated client?

We have many APs configured with WPA and radius authent. but I dont know where it is said that AP should alocate IP address

from concrete DHCP pool?

AP allocates IP addresses from pool in which it has its own IP address?




Re: AP and IP pool allocation.

If you are using Autonomous APs, they do not allocate IPs by default. You can enable DHCP on them, but I prefer using the servers you already have. If the WLAN is on it's own vlan, you just need to specify an IP Helper address on the router interface telling it what DHCP server to get IPs from.

If you are using LWAPP APs, inside the controller you need to define the DHCP server address when you create the controller interface. Again, the controller can be the DHCP server, but I prefer using an existing DHCP server if one exists.

If you post the type of APs and more information about your network setup, I can provide more specifics for you.


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Re: AP and IP pool allocation.

We have several autonomous 1242AG devices. They appear to be set up correctly but for some reason will not deliver the DHCP obtained IP address from the Microsoft DHCP server. Is there something I need to turn on for this to function? I have it working with the old 1100 series, all on the same VLAN. Router has helper address and all configured. These are all new units, and the DHCP problems seems to be hit and miss. What should I be looking at?


Bryan Carter

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Re: AP and IP pool allocation.

Hi Eric,

Im pioneer in WLAN and my question is related

to allocation of IP addresses to client without any command (ip helper as well) configured in AP. If this is not included

in config. how AP know what IP addresses to allocate?



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