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AP beacons and data rates

These may be some simplistic questions. An access point issues beacons at the lowest possible data rate, for example, 1 Mbps for 802.11b, correct? Will it send the beacons out at that 1 Mbps rate even if the AP has been configured to not transmit data at 1 Mbps? My assumption is that the data rate settings in an AP's config only apply to client association and client traffic, not to 'control' traffic like beacons, but I would like that confirmed. Does it only issue one beacon, even if it has multiple SSIDs defined on the AP, or does it issue one beacon per SSID? What are the data rates for beacons with 802.11g and 802.11a - 6 Mbps? or would 802.11g depend on the presence of b devices?


Re: AP beacons and data rates

The explanation of data rate settings is as follows:

Yes: Means that data can be sent at this rate but not control traffic (beacons from the AP will not be sent at this speed)

Basic: All data can be sent at this rate including control traffic

No: No traffic can be sent at this rate

The beacons will be sent faster if the Basic rate is higher.

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