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New Member

AP disconnect issue

Hi forumers'

i experienced this problem

log copy from WLC : AP  'XXXXX', MAC :  disassociated previously due to AP reeset. Last reset reason: oeprator changed 11g mode

sometime it will auto recover and joined, else need to manually unplug and plug in again..

AP model is 1040 series, WLC running on firmware, power source is direct from power injector.

Anyway can solve this problem?



Cisco Employee

AP disconnect issue

Did it happen only once ? or does it happen regularly ? Aren't some people changing WLC config like data rates ?

Cisco Employee

AP disconnect issue

How frequently the AP getting rebooted

Is AP mode HREAP/local

If H-REAP, does AP reboots while moving from connected to standalone if b/g is disabled

Do you have redundant WLC, does the B/G datarate different or disabled on other WLCs where this AP can roam.

Does this issue occur when the AP moves to different WLC

New Member

AP disconnect issue


This happen on-and-off. There's no branch and HREAP.

The site don't have the redundant WLC.

Would it cause by physical cabling issue? How i going to troubleshoot on this



AP disconnect issue

I would check a few things.

Check the switch port for errors

Check the switch logs for any activity on the ports that have the aps

Is it the same aps doing this or is it the same aps on teh same switch

Also check the join statics on the side. That could show you some behavior anyway. clear it out and then monitor.

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