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New Member

AP Fallback again

Two WLC4402 (Version AP1010's.

AP Fallback Enabled.

RF Group and Mobility group set


Sysname used to define Primary and Secondary.

Everything works except 'falling' back to the primary when it comes back online.

Does anyone have this working ?

Same problem on 4.0.217

The only bug I can find says 'fixed' but does not give a version only first detected in 4.1.169.

Any help gratefully received



Re: AP Fallback again

I have this working in my lab. If your mobility groups are configured correctly, the AP should move when it's configured primary comes back on line, FYI the sysname applied to the controller for primary/secondary/tertiary, are case sensitive.

Run debug mac addre < AP mac address>

debug lwapp events enable

debug pm pki enable

These will let you see if the AP is sending the primary discovery request, and what response it is seeing.

HTH, Steve ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please remember to rate useful posts, and mark questions as answered
New Member

Re: AP Fallback again

Hi Stephen

sysname definitely correct.

ap ending d3:20 is the one that should return to its primary controller.

Attached is a file containing the debug information.

not sure it highlights much



Re: AP Fallback again

If I understand correctly, it is only happening to one of the APs?

If so, have you tried resetting the AP back to factory defaults?

New Member

Re: AP Fallback again

Hi Eric

There only two AP's currently as they are in lab environment.

One has WLC-A (primary),WLC-B (Secondary) and the other is reversed.

Neither failback



Re: AP Fallback again

Hmmm.... You are not running WLB-B as a master are you?

New Member

Re: AP Fallback again


No, and I have done factory resets on them because I had seperate problem with AP groups which was fixed by the reset.


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