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AP group question

When Editing a AP group under the WLAN tab, I see Interface Name. I see a few things in the drop down menu. Could someone explain the purpose of this ?


Re: AP group question

AP group vlan is so that you can define what interface a SSID will use, on a particular AP or group of AP.

So for example, you have 4 floors, and on each floor you want a separate VLAN, but the SAME SSID. You would create the four dynamic interfaces, then you go to AP Group VLAN config, and say SSID map to . You would create four groups, one for each floor, and each group has the respective mapping. Then on the AP, you define what group the AP belongs to.



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Re: AP group question

ok, so each interface name in the drop down list is a vlan. I assume when these interface names were created that they were assigned a VLAN.

So I could kind of look at it like the drop down list houses a list of VLAN names instead of a number?

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Re: AP group question

Look at it this way.... AP Groups allow you to have one SSID (TEST) mapped to multiple vlans. The purpose is if you like to keep a subnet at a /24 but have 2000 + users, AP Groups allow you to place AP's that will have ssis TEST on a certain vlan.

For example:

Floor 1 SSID Test

Interface Vlan 11

Vlan 11

Floor 2 SSID Test

Interface Vlan 12

Vlan 12

Floor 2 SSID Test

Interface Vlan 13

Vlan 13

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