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AP Groups not segmenting WLANs

I have created two AP groups in a school that contains a public library within it. I assigned separate WLANs/SSIDs to each AP group that are associated with their own dynamic interfaces/VLANs in order to have the students not be able to associate to the public libray WLAN that has different filtering policies. The LAP in the libray portion of the school is assigned to one AP Group and the rest of the LAPs are assigned to the other AP group. The problem is that all the SSIDs defined on the WLCs are still showing up on all the LAPs in the school. I am running 4.209 code on two WLC-4404s in a common mobility group. Any insights out there?



AP Groups not segmenting WLANs

In 4.2 code, "AP Group Vlans" only overwrites the vlan assignment of the WLAN. It does not change what ssids are on an AP.    So if a WLAN isn't listed in the AP Group, it just takes the default.

What you are trying to do is a wlan override which is done per radio in 4.2.

I think you'd going to "Wireless > Radios > 802.11a > edit one of the APs > some kind of option for wlan override > uncheck the box of the ssids you don't want"....

I think it was 5.2 where WLAN override merged with AP Groups (which makes it 100 times easier to configure and manage).

Perhaps WCS has a template or something you could use so you don't have to manually edit each AP radio?

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