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AP joining issue 4404

I have one 4404 controller running version 5.1.151.

There are 74 AP's which are divided between interface ap-manager 1(on port 1) and ap-manager 2 (on port 2). LAG is disabled.

After a controller reset the AP's wouldn't join port 1 anymore, only port 2. So a maximum of 48 AP's were joined on port 2, while the other 26 AP's kept trying but showed the messages:

Message: 22: AP:001d.e554.f42a: %LWAPP-3-CLIENTERRORLOG: Join Timer: did not recieve join response (controller - xxx-4400)

Message: 23: AP:001d.e554.f42a: %LWAPP-3-CLIENTERRORLOG: Set Transport Address: no more AP manager IP addresses remain

Port 1 and 2 are configured exactly the same way. After I configured an ap-manager interface on port 3 all the remaining AP's joined via that interface.

So the ap-manager interface on port 1 doesn't seem to work. It looks a bit like bug CSCsq30980, but the circumstances are not exactly the same.

Any ideas what's wrong?

I plan to reset the controller again in some time, but for the coming weeks I'll leave it running.


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Re: AP joining issue 4404

Hi Albert,

i haved a similar issue on a 4402 and it was the optical cable or the fsp module.(i don't remember very well)

Try to change this component and try again.

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Re: AP joining issue 4404


I have reset the controller another time and everything worked out fine. The AP's were joining also via port 1 again.

Nevertheless a strange occurrence, I will upgrade the firmware.

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