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AP role question

Customer has 3 access points, all 1231's running 12.3(8)JA2. One of them is located in the main building (AP1). The 2nd (AP2) and 3rd (AP3) access points are located in building 2. AP2's antenna is outside and AP3's is inside. There is a crossover cable between AP2 and AP3 which extends the LAN from building 1 across the parking lot to building 2. AP1 is setup with "station-role root bridge wireless-clients". AP2 is setup with "station-role non-root bridge wireless-clients". AP3 is setup with "station-role root". We are using LEAP authentication, even though I have tried WEP and no encryption and still have the same issue which is this - clients can authenticate to AP3, but cannot ping past AP3. And, devices on the LAN in the main building cannot ping AP3. But, the switch and the other access points can always ping AP3. To get around this, I issue a "clear arp" command on AP3 and the problem goes away for about 10 to 15 minutes. Is there a better way to setup these APs?

Also, there has never been a problem with clients using AP1 in the main building. Signal strength and connectivity between the buildings is never a problem when it actually does work.

I will also attach a rough diagram of the setup.

Thanks in advance,



Re: AP role question

Have you configured any VLAN?

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