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Ap's having trouble connecting to WLC 5508

We have migrated about 40 Ap's from our older WLC 4400 to our new WLC 5508, which has gone rather smooth. But yesterday we were told by a an engineer that we needed to reboot our new 5508. When we did the last 10 AP's still on the 4400 automatically tried to move to the 5508 on their own when it came back up. Ever since then then the 10 Ap's keep trying to join the new 5508 and fail to do so. When trying to negotiate on the new controller I see that they still have the config from the old 4400 and they won't take the new image from the 5508, is there a way to intervene and associate them with the new controller without having to put hands on them? Their all at various locations. Thanks for your time!

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Log in to each AP. Reset to

Log in to each AP. Reset to factory default. They will move to the 5508. Use WCS or Prime to push your configuration template to the AP's in question. If you don't have WCS or Prime, you will have to manually configure each AP from WLC, i.e. subnet, VLANS, SSIDs and so on... 

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Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response, I'll try to log into them. However they time out on joining and get dropped by the 5508. If I can connect to them, use 

#clear lwapp private-config

to clear the config on them?

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Yes, as long as you have SSH

Yes, as long as you have SSH and or Telnet enabled on the AP for easy access using putty or hyperterm. How long do they associate with WLC before they drop? If you can catch them in WLC, from the gui, go to Wireless, find the AP, open it up, and under the General tab there is a clear all config, option and a clear all config except static ip, option.. 



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Also look at the High

Also look at the High Availability tab. You have options to manually change the Primary Controller. Your APs may have the Name and IP address of your previous controller in them. 




AP#capwap ap controller ip address <IP-address>
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Maybe 5 minutes max, I can

Maybe 5 minutes max, I can try to catch them in the WLC. When I see them there they're showing that they're trying to connect and I can see the config version they have associated with them which is the older one from the 4400.  

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