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AP's randomly disconnect after upgrade to

Anyone running yet? Upgraded from (LWAPP) and now seeing the access points randomly disconnect and reconnect to the controller much like the old CSCse64027 bug. Below are the traps but I have not made any config changes as noted by the log. The AP id keeps increasing as if the AP were power cycled, but they have not been.

Sat Jan 13 11:20:09 2007 [ERROR] spam_lrad.c 1893: AP 00:15:c7:83:ba:20 associated. Last AP failure was due to Configuration changes, reason: did not get join response

Sat Jan 13 11:20:08 2007 AP Associated. Base Radio MAC: 00:15:c7:83:ba:20

Sat Jan 13 11:18:05 2007 AP Disassociated. Base Radio MAC:00:15:c7:83:ba:20

Anyone sees this?

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Re: AP's randomly disconnect after upgrade to

Thought it was just a fluke until it happened three times... Tested with the AP fine throughout the day (my first testing with the 4.0 code) -- but the next morning when I came in to test, the AP was in discovery mode as if it lost contact with the controller.

Have had other occurrences where it would reconnect to an older controller in the lab (running 3.2 code) -- so had to wait for the firmware download to finish before putting it back on the 4.0.206 controller.

Interested to see if anyone else sees this...

Re: AP's randomly disconnect after upgrade to

Update, I have a TAC case open but not much movement there. I installed at a smaller site and have seen no problems. The site not having problems has older AP1230 that were converted to LWAPP. The site having issues is comprised of all AP1242 and one converted AP1232. Strangely enough the converted AP is having no problems, but the AP1242 which shipped LWAPP are dropping out. I also have a console log from one of the AP1242 that I'll attach. For some reason the LWAPP association times out and the AP reloads and then subsequently joins.

Re: AP's randomly disconnect after upgrade to

I was contacted by 4t-baron, and he referred me to a previoous discussion.

Seems the ARP entry for the Ap-manager times out after 4 hours and the AP's reload.

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