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AP Serial Number Summary from WLC

I'm just wondering if there is a way to get an output of the serial numbers of all the APs connected to a WLC. I know they can be individually found in the WLC web interface or through the CLI but i'm hoping to find a way to see them all.


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Re: AP Serial Number Summary from WLC

Try show ap inventory

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Re: AP Serial Number Summary from WLC

WCS has an AP report that shows the serial numbers for all of the APs. But If you do not have WCS, and are just using the WLCs, I don't think there is a way.

The quickest way I can think of to get all of the AP Serial Numbers in a case without WCS would be to get the AP Summary (so you have a list of all AP names)

And then make a text document that has all of the "show ap inventory " commands

If you SSH into the WLC, and paste your list of "show AP inventory "

You will get a very simple inventory report. Maybe you could copy all of that then and parse through it. It at least saves you the time of manually doing each one in the CLI, or manually click on each AP in the GUI...

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