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ap simltaneous user limit

Good Day,

I have a small wireless network with a 2106 controller and 1131 APs. We rent conference rooms to the public and had envisioned limiting access based on a user authentication against a radius server.

So I was disappointed when I realized there is a limit of 8 simultaneous sessions per user.

Is this limit specific to the AP, or if I got a 4400 could more sessions be managed.


Cisco Employee

Re: ap simltaneous user limit

are you talking about the guest account logon from the WLC? you can make that 0.... or is this something on the radius server thats blocking you?

New Member

Re: ap simltaneous user limit

To clarify:

In the web management interface of a 2106 if you go to Security=>AAA=>User Login Policies

There is a setting for maximum number of concurrent user sessions. The default is 8, which is the limit.

I thought this would apply only to local user accounts but that is not the case. Using the CLI you can show the users associated with a particular AP and it will display users authenticated through radius.

This was unfortunate because when we have a one time event with say, 20 people, we were hoping to be able to just set up an account on the radius server and have them all use the same user name and password. As it is now we can create multiple accounts or use a WEP/WAP key which is a little more cumbersome.

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