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AP Won't Come Up

I changed the region of the controller from Greece to UK which required a reboot. When rebooting all of the APs came up except for one AP. I tried to shut/no shut the port multiple times as well as wipe the the port config and re-configured it to the standard, with no effect. The interface is up/up and Power inline indicates there is a draw of 20W but granted via IEEE and not through CDP.

<Dec/17 07:36 pm>%WIDS-6-SIG_ALARM_OFF: Attack is cleared on Sig:Standard Id:9 Channel:36

<Dec/17 07:36 pm>intel_28f256p30_write_bytes: command sequence error

<Dec/17 07:36 pm>flashfs[1]: writing to flash handle 0x15502DC, device 0, offset 0x1660000, length 0x208: Operation Failed

<Dec/17 07:36 pm>flashfs[1]: sector ptr: {0xB3, 0x3D}

<Dec/17 07:36 pm>nv_done: unable to open "flash:/"

<Dec/17 07:36 pm>flashfs[1]: filesystem marked down. Use "fsck" to recover.

<Dec/17 07:36 pm>nv_done: unable to open "flash:/"


Re: AP Won't Come Up

Well if you're seeing the message to "Use "fsck" to recover, it is telling you there is something wrong with the file system (File System Consistency checK).

Anyhow, I've never actually used this command so I don't know how it works. Do you have the ability to type fsck ? from the console?

If not, if the AP is supported I'd get an RMA.

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