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AP 'XX-XX01', interface '802.11b/g' is down on Controller "

The alarm on Cisco's WCS is going off for the interface .11b/g and .11a going down. It also has an alarm going off with: AP 'x' disassociated from Controller 'x.x.x.x'. These three alarms are for the same AP. Whenever I go the "Alarms" section of WCS, they are generally refreshed with the most current time. Does this mean that the problem is intermittent or constant? I'm relatively new to the wireless game. Looking for basic troubleshooting steps. Thanks in advance.


Re: AP 'XX-XX01', interface '802.11b/g' is down on Controller "

This seems to indicate that this AP is losing its connectivity to the controller. You first see the b/g and a radios "going down" (as the AP is not responding anymore), then the controller removes the AP from its database (Ap disassociated).

I would check AP connectivity to the controller, and look at the time when this issue is reported. If it repeats (AP drops then comes back, then drops again, etc) the alarm is reported with very recent time, and several occurrences.

From the controller to which this AP is supposed to connect, you may also get some information from Management > logs...

From the controller CLI, you can try debug lwapp errors enable to see what problem the controller reports for this AP.

You can also console to the AP and check what the AP itself is reporting...



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