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AP1100 Windows XP and Deauthentication Problems

I have a laptop running Windows XP (fully patched) using ActionTec onboard 802.11b wireless card connection to a AP110 with firmware of 12.2(13)JA3

SSID broadcast is set to "No" and WEP 128bit. Authentication is "open". Most other settings are factory default on the AP.

The problem is I can stay connected to the AP for about 5 minutes before the laptop is no longer authenticated. I get the following error message in the AP log

"Interface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating Station 0020.e095.5236 Reason: Previous authentication no longer valid "

The only way to recover from this is to reboot the laptop. Then I am connected for about 5 minutes and the same thing happens once again.

I have no problem what so ever using the same laptop and wireless card running Windows 2000.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to move several hundred laptops to XP in the near future.


Re: AP1100 Windows XP and Deauthentication Problems

You are having a issue with clients getting disassocated from the AP. The usual cause of this is RF issues in your environment. If the AP tries to send a packet to the client and does not receive a ACK back that the frame was received it will retry until it reaches max retries then it will assume the

client have moved out of range or powered off. It will then disassociate the client to free up AP resources.

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