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AP1121G connection with Internet Router

Hi! My requirement is to connect the access point to an Internet Router through a common L2 switch so that wifi-enabled laptops will receive public ips through the DHCP pool defined on the AP and be able to access raw internet. The Internet Router has 2 subnets one for the leased-line and the other on the LAN interface.

I have configured the BVI interface with one of those public IPs and specified the default-gateway as the LAN IP on the Internet Router; on which I have created a reverse route for reachability to the public subnet on AP.

I am able to reach to the default-gateway but have no reachability for the subnets beyond.

While working on the problem, I have connected a laptop directly to the LAN interface and confirmed connectivity and browsing to the internet. Next, I bypassed the Nortel switch and connected the AP directly to the LAN interface, I can ping to the public dns servers but browsing is not happening.

However, I can browse from wifi laptops when I connect the AP on the client LAN segment.

Am I missing something here? Please have a look and advise.

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Re: AP1121G connection with Internet Router

You really should be nat'ing on the router...

Let me get this straight... you have an router with 2 ethernet ports. One is for the lease line and the other is connected to a layer 2 switch? The AP is connected to the layer 2 switch and is on the same vlan as the port on the router?

When you bypass the Nortel switch and connect to the router everything works, but when you connec to the Nortel switch it doesn't.

Check to see if you have native vlan checked on the AP... you might have to set the native vlan or no tagging on the Nortel switch in which the ap is connected to.

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