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AP1121G used for hospital and guest access simultaneously

I am trying to set up our Cisco 1121G AP's, which we use in our hospital LAN, for guest access. We have 30 AP's. I do not want our guest to have access to the hospital LAN. I have done some research on the Cisco site and I am confused. I found articles saying you can use the "IP Redirect" feature to do this. I also found articles that use VLAN's to do this. Do you use VLAN's and IP Redirect together? I have set up an AP with two VLAN's. One for the Hospital side of the LAN and one for guest access. I assume I have to do something to the router to allow this to work? I did get my laptop to connect to the guest access side but cannot go to the internet. It says I am connected but I am not. I assume that the radio side is connected but not the ethernet side because I need to set up the router as well. I know this is a big request, but does anyone have a step by step on what to do to make this happen? There is alot more to this issue that I am not writing here because of the complexity of the setup. It would be great to talk to someone who has done this.

P.S. Does anyone know of any training sessions associated with the 1100 series AP's?

Mike Dugal

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Re: AP1121G used for hospital and guest access simultaneously

AS far as I know you can use two different SSIDs for each LAN and configure the settings including security settings that are unique to a SSID. This can be done under SSID Manager under security. Make sure the access point has connectivity to the router and has the router set as default gateway.

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