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AP1240AG not join to WLC in LWAPP mode

Hi all,

I have two AP1240 on remote office, which is connected to company headquarter by WAN. AP's were converted from standalone to lightweight mode without problem, but they now cannot join WLC, which is in company headquarter. Degug lwapp on WLC shows me this:

*Jan 28 17:00:36.202: 00:1d:e5:83:f3:d0 Received LWAPP DISCOVERY REQUEST from AP 00:1d:e5:83:f3:d0 to 00:1e:4a:fe:a0:80 on port '29'

*Jan 28 17:00:36.202: Discarding discovery request in LWAPP from AP 00:1d:e5:83:f3:d0 supporting CAPWAP

and no response from WLC occur, no discovery response is send to AP.

Connectivity between WLC and AP is OK, I can ping each other. I use WLC discovery through broadcast (due to customer request I cannot use Priming, DHCP option 43 nor DNS discovery mechanism), on remote office router is set ip helper-address to IP address of management interface of WLC.

I have two identical AP's on hedquarter and they can join to WLC without problem.

Could someone please advise me what I do wrong? Thanks in advance.

Lukas Mecir

Cisco Employee

Re: AP1240AG not join to WLC in LWAPP mode

Looked on cisco this is what it says

Error Message %LWAPP-6-CAPWAP_SUPP_VER: Discarding [chars] in LWAPP from AP

[hex]:[hex]:[hex]:[hex]:[hex]:[hex] supporting CAPWAP

Explanation Message was received in LWAPP from an AP that supports CAPWAP. This condition might be normal. The AP will join the controller in CAPWAP after the maximum number of retries in LWAPP.

Recommended Action No action is required.

Cisco Employee

Re: AP1240AG not join to WLC in LWAPP mode

The fix will be on the device with the ip helper. Configure:

ip forward-protocol udp 5246

The error you got means the AP and WLC are running a CAPWAP image, but the AP is attempting to join using LWAPP. The AP will only do this if it is unable to join using CAPWAP.

Now you are already forwarding broadcasts on UDP 12223 (LWAPP control), but in order to forward the CAPWAP Discovery Request, you will have to forward UDP 5246 (CAPWAP control) using the above command.

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