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AP1242 link down ????


I have found a AP during a site-survey of which the a-radio was not up (you could not see the AP and could not connect to it), but in the WLC and WCS there was no error; everythings seemed to be ok (the a-band was UP in the browser) !!!

A reboot of the AP did not solved anything, I have replaced it with a spare one and the coverage in that area is ok again.

One could understand that, if an AP fails without telling you, you can have coverage problems without knowing why !!!

Is there someone who has an idea how we can detect this ? (logfiles, syslog .......)


Re: AP1242 link down ????

I have seen the same issue with 1131 APs a few times. The radios were up from WLC and WCS views, but no users can associate. A reboot would fix the issues temporary and issue will come back after a few weeks. Usually this issue can be fixed by replacing the APs and TAC can RMA these APs for us.

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Re: AP1242 link down ????

What firmware code are you running?

In the later codes >5.X, you have to drill into the Advanced Tab of the AP and place a tick on whether your AP is powered using an Injector or PoE.

If you want to see logfiles of the AP, use the CLI on the WLC: sh ap eventlog

Hope this helps.

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Re: AP1242 link down ????

I too have seen this where the WLC and WCS show the radio up, but in reality it isn't functioning correctly. Reboot of the AP was the fix though.

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Re: AP1242 link down ????

We are on 4.2 ...

For some of the AP's found, a reboot was the fix, one of them had to be replaced by Cisco RMA.

But the point is, if you have serveral hundreds of AP's, how can you provide a good service if you don't know some radio's are missing !!!!

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Re: AP1242 link down ????

It is part of the wireless engineer to verify that the wireless is 100% before he or she hand's it over. You just need to put more time into the testing and verification area so you can make sure you catch it before someone does. Maybe rebooting all the ap's after they join the wlc could be a next step in your procedure, since it might fix 98% of any issues.

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