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ap1252, would like using PoE

My anyone help me, I want using ap1252 with PoE, any coponent need to buy for using this power way.


Re: ap1252, would like using PoE

Some very important caveats here. The AP can not be fully powered with both radios unless you use the Cisco power brick built for the 1252. The 1252 does not support both radios at 802.3af. Certain models of the Catalyst G switches can power the 1252 with both radios but require code updates on the switches. The work around is to remove one of the radio modules to get full power out of the other radio. The 1142 doesn't have this problem as it is AF compatible.

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Re: ap1252, would like using PoE

The 1252 AP requires 18.5 watts of power to use both radio modules, as per previous post.

To enable both radios (full power and full range), you need either the following:

1. Power injector; or

2. PoE switch that will support enhanced PoE (ePoE) such as the 3560-E/3750-E.

As per previous post, if you detach one of the radio modules, the 1252 can operate with one radio modules only.

I have been told by the Cisco Sales Engineer that Cisco has released a new code/IOS which enables the 1252 to use standard PoE (15.4 watts) and can operate with both radio modules enabled BUT with the transmission power is throttled way down. I have yet to find this code.

Hope this helps.

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