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Ap350 PPC 2002 LEAP retain username/password

We have an application on PPC 2002 in a Hospital, and we want to use LEAP on the AP350 card. Now this works fine, but every time you power cycle the iPAQ you have to enter your logon credentials again, and as the Doctor walks around the ward doing this it becomes tiresome to the point that they don't use it anymore.

Can you set the AP350 to remember the username/password as you can on W2000?? Is there anything you can set in the registry??

We don't see this as a security issue, as we have a secure version of PPC 2002.



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Re: Ap350 PPC 2002 LEAP retain username/password

I have a thought on this as well. This has been an ongoing issue with us as it is cumbersome to have to re-enter the logon information with every power cylcle. It would be nice to have an automatic logon. One of the main differences between WinCE and other Windows OS's is the fact that there is no Windows or domain login with WinCE upon power up. LEAP certainly solves this issue. However, with an automatic logon, an unauthorized user could theoretically take the iPAQ and gain access to the LAN and resources without any effort on their part. This would be the case without LEAP in place as well. The only thing that LEAP is buying you at that point is dynamic WEP keys. It boils down to how secure do you want your environment and how much extra effort is involved for your users to gain access to the LAN. The most difficult part of LAN security is the education of users to understand the need for a little extra effort to gain access to resources.


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