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AP350 setup and Toshiba Japanese laptops

Most of our laptops are Japanese and most of it are Toshiba. The problems are:

1. Though not all the time, laptops just lose connection to the AP. When we inspect it, the WEP was lost or erased. When we type the WEP again, sometimes it will connect and sometimes not. So, we provide wired connection. The laptop will connect again to the AP after shutting it down for a longer time.

2. This one's strange, we have this toshiba laptop which connects to the AP just fine in its original location but when the owner transfers location, it just loses connection. The new location is a meeting room just a few meters away. Everybody in the room uses wireless connection and it's the only laptop which cannot connect.

These laptops are DHCP configured. When they lost connection, they cannot get an IP from the server. Is the problem an incompatibility between the Toshiba Japanese laptop and 350?

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Re: AP350 setup and Toshiba Japanese laptops

What version of ACU NDIS and Firmware are you using on these laptops

Are they all the same ?

Try the latest version of ACU install wizard

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Re: AP350 setup and Toshiba Japanese laptops

all ACU and firmware versions are 5. what's the new version? Why is it that only Toshiba laptops are affected. We have other Japanese laptops like Sony and NEC.

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Re: AP350 setup and Toshiba Japanese laptops

It may just be the combination here and the fact it is all on the Toshiba's is co incident

It is not only the ACU version that is important here

The NDIS and firmware

There are 3 parts of the software and if you upgrade one part then you should do all 3 in the past you had to each of them indiviually but in the latest version it will do them all at once for you by using a install wizard.

If you mix and match the versions of ACU NDIS and Firmware then you can get symptoms like you have described. It is best to rule this out first.

The latest versions are

ACU 6.0

NDIS 8.3

Firmware 5.02.19

You can find the latest software here

Please try this first and if you still have the same syptoms let me know


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Re: AP350 setup and Toshiba Japanese laptops

I'll try what you said and I'll let you know if after installing, symptoms still occurs. Thanks.

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