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AP4800-E and default gateway

Only way to get wireless devices to see the default gateway is to enable BOOTP/DHCP. If access point is set to static IP then wireless devices can see rest of LAN except for default gateway. What is not configured correctly?

Cisco Employee

Re: AP4800-E and default gateway

Hard to say from the info you have provided but I am guessing a problem with the subnet mask or othere options in your static config on the clients compared to what the dhcp server is handing out

The IP address on the AP has NO effect on the traffic passing through it. The AP is a layer 2 device and as such it doesnt affect anything for layer 3 and above

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Re: AP4800-E and default gateway

Thanks for your reply. The ONLY items that I changed was Use BOOTP/DHCP on startup to off and Internet Address. EVERYTHING else stayed the same (actually changing the Internet Address forces Use BOOTP/DHCP to off automatically). Subnet set to Not a complicated sytem.

I have updated firmware to v8.80. What other information would you need?

Cisco Employee

Re: AP4800-E and default gateway

There has to be something else going on the network as the IP address configured on the AP has no bearing on the traffic through it, as it is a layer 2 device. Just like configuring an IP address on a "IP manageable" hub.

With it set to the static address you want.

Can the client ping the AP ?

Can the client ping a work station on the etherent side ?

Can the client ping another wireless device ?

Can the client ping the switch if it has an IP address ?

Can the client ping the default gateway ?

If it can ping a work station on the ethernet side then the bridge is working fine. If it can not a sniffer on the etherent side is the best option see if the packet is leaving the AP ( I suspect it will be)

If you can ping the workstation but still not your default gateway you will need to check all connection between the 2 and make sure all the normal stuff like subnet masks, no duplicate addresses etc

Community Member

Re: AP4800-E and default gateway

With AP set to static address the answer is yes to all of the above EXCEPT client cannot ping switch and default gateway (they are one in the same). AP can ping client and AP can ping default gateway but AP will not pass client request through to gateway (unless AP item BOOTP/DHCP on startup is set to on - from the menu option to reset to default settings - this is what makes no sense). Just so I always know what the address of the AP is I set DHCP up to hand out reserved IP to AP. This set up works fine and system is is up and running but I am just confused as to why when setting AP to static IP it breaks down.

Cisco Employee

Re: AP4800-E and default gateway

This points to a problem on the switch not the AP but you have a work around so that is great

If you want to pursue it further then a sniffer will be the best way to trace it

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