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Approx cell size needed for AP estimation

Is there a approx size for cell size for say a 1250 or 1240 using their standard antennas? I am trying to just size out approximently how many AP's a customer would need so I can quote what size controller they would need. If they are over 50 Ap's I would need the 100 Ap controller. And yes I know there should be a survey but they are a hundered miles from here and we don't want to go through the expense of doing a formal survey just to get them a quote. I thought I saw somewhere using a 50 or 75 foot circle and drawing on the floor plan using 15-20% overlap should get me in the ball park. Obviously if we get this we would do a survey. Thanks!


Re: Approx cell size needed for AP estimation

There isn't any way to tell, especially with the small amount of information you've provided.

For example, how high will the APs/Antennas be from the work areas?

Are the work areas reflective, absorptive, neutral, scattering ...

What kind of signal quality do you expect? Signal quality is much more important than signal strength; a weak good signal is better than a strong sucky signal.

What are the nature of the clients? Mobile like a phone, or wireless convenience?

IMO, you're better off explaining in your quote that a survey will be necessary to give exact numbers, and anyone that quotes without looking is completely irresponsible. Then write a quote with general numbers for both circumstances (greater or less-than 50 APs), or however you decide.

Your credibility is on the line; quoting blind is about the stupidest thing you can do in a sales effort. Travel to at least look the place over is cost of doing business. Why not just tell the customer, "Well, you're not important enough to waste my time on, but please write me a check for a huge chunk of change."

CCIE or not, you should know better.

Pardon my opinion, but I feel you're making a massive mistake, FWIW.

Good Luck


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Re: Approx cell size needed for AP estimation

I agree with Scott.... AP determination really depends on the environment and not just a sq footage calculation. For example, no matter if you are surveying for voice , data or location, an office floor with cubicle compared to an office space with mostly offices will have a higher ap count than an open cubed area, even though it might be new construction.

Cisco might and have given their estimates, which is not or ever accurate. This can bite you in the A$$. Tell the client a site survey is important to give an accurate ap count. If they want an estimate.... estimate high.... 30'-40'............ I don't suggest this! Sell your site survey!

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Re: Approx cell size needed for AP estimation

Hi Michael,

I agree with Scott and Scott as well :) These two NetPros are two of the very top Wireless Experts and I know that I would always follow their guidance (+5 points each guys!)

If you take the time to do a proper site survey everyone wins. Your time and money will not be wasted here. The deployment of Wireless is tricky at the best of times (as you probably well know). Without a Site Survey, it's a total "crap shoot". You will be able to check out all the environmental anomalies for AP placement and numbers as well as the location where the WLC/WLC's will go. The detail you provide to the customer will make your proposal stand out from the crowd and increase the chances of "winning" the bid process.

I would also go with at least 2 WLC's to provide failover/redundancy, this looks good on you as well.

Don't forget, the time spent in intial planning will be saved on the other end when troubleshooting your deployment ;-)

Just my thoughts Michael,