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APs from remote site loosing connection to WiSM


we have one WiSM which controls APs over two physical locations (they are interconnected with a VPN tunnel). This works like a charm. Well, when it works :D.

The problem is that at night sometimes all remote APs disassociate from the WiSM and have trouble to find the WiSM back on the next day.

Is there any form of keepalive or so which I could configure?




Re: APs from remote site loosing connection to WiSM

You don't have to configure any keep alive to keep the APs registered to the WiSM. Once the LAPs are registered they will stay registered as long as the WiSM is active or as long as the LAP is reset. If it is getting disconnected often, we have to look at the error messages and debugs to identify the root cause. Can you enable debug lwapp events enable and debug lwapp errors enable commands on the WiSM and see the messages that you get when the LAPs deregister from the LAP?

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Re: APs from remote site loosing connection to WiSM

Also look at the log information on the remote APs to find out what is causing them to reboot.

Is there a power issue at the remote location? What is the uptime on the switch to which these APs are connected?

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