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New Member

Are Antenna's needed with 1242AG

Can the 1242AG Access point work without connecting antenna's? If not, I need help in selecting an antenna.


Re: Are Antenna's needed with 1242AG

No, they can't.

Antennas are not included, because the 12xx can fulfil many roles.

How are you intending to implement these?

Good Luck


New Member

Re: Are Antenna's needed with 1242AG

I am looking into a wireless solution for a small business office. It consists of 3 floors. Would 1131AG be a better choice? Is there a tool or documentation I can look at to help me select an antenna?


Re: Are Antenna's needed with 1242AG

If the floor area on each floor is fairly small then one 1130AG per floor would probably be OK. Bear in mind however that you may (depending on the construction of the building) get signal penetration between floors so take care to select non-overlapping channels on the APs.

In any such situation a site survey is highly recommended, you might find that one AP can cover two floors due to signal penetration. Bear in mind though that if you have many wireless clients you will need more APs to cater for them and if that's the case then you'll need to reduce transmit power to avoid excessive overlap.

Bottom line; do a survey.

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