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ASA 5510 with WLC 526. DHCP Problem.

I'm having problem with ASA 5510 and WLC 526, in  this case the ASA provides DHCP, I created 3 vlan's (12 administrative,  13 visits, 10 AP's). WLC 526 has two network interface, eth0 in this vlan  10, and eth1 is in a TRUNK port on the switch in valn 12 and 13. The fact is that  when a user attempts to connect to wireless network does not take  DHCP, but setting a fixed ip connection works perfectly.

One problem is that the WLC has 526 limited-config below.

These commands available:

(Cisco  Controller)> config?

Advanced Advanced  Configuration.

(Cisco Controller)>  config advanced?

802.11a 802.11a  parameters.

802.11b 802.11b parameters.

Auto client-handoff handoff clients on the excessive retires.

dot11-Set padding over-the-air frame padding

eap EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) Settings

macfiltering macfilter Configure advanced settings.

max-1x-sessions  Maximum 802.1x session initiation per AP at the time.

probe-limit  limit number of probes to sit AP per switch slot per client in a Given  interval.

rate Enable / Disable switch  control path rate limiting.

Statistics  Enable / Disable switch port statistics.

Configures  timers, system timers.

Mini IOS  Version .............................
........................... IOS Version 12.4 (10b) JX

Attached below the debug WLC dhcp message, and runnig config.


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Re: ASA 5510 with WLC 526. DHCP Problem.

I'm not familiar with the 526, but I've run into this with a 2106 and an ASA.  Basically the ASA won't serve DHCP to a proxy.  On the 2106 you can disable DHCP proxy with "config dhcp proxy disable".


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Re: ASA 5510 with WLC 526. DHCP Problem.

this  option does not exist in WLC526, I think that really has no way to work  with the ASA.

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