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New Member

Asking a good question?

I have studied many questions in these forums for wireless.

So far, I have seen many topics, problems, situations discussed

and I have seen some of the same individuals offer much insight

and help. My problems are internal and related to a warehouse

environment. My question is: Am I asking the right questions in

the right forum? Should I be researching somewhere else?

To me, it looks like these discussions are about external

environments, planning and upgrades. So far, I have not

been able to find anyone dealing with such an internal evnviornment

as mine.

I hope I haven't wasted "space" with unimportant questions or research.

If I have, then I offer an apology.


New Member

Re: Asking a good question?

This is a good forum to use. Feel free to post your questions as I'm sure many contributors (myself included) have much experience with internal, warehouse environments.

Also -- and I say this with some hesitance as I normally try not to be 'salesy' in these forums -- feel free to contact me directly. My colleagues and myself have a great deal of experience in the warehouse managmen and data collection environments.

New Member

Re: Asking a good question?

Some wireless installers are better equipped to deal with outdoor and point-to-point scenarios. We do outdoor and point-to-point, but really see ourselves as wireless integrators - we truly relish the complexity of the indoor and campus implementations.

I think the reason that you see fewer answers on indoor is two-fold:

1. There are many more variables, making hard to give firm answers

2. A lot of people pull an AP out of the box and start working - never realizing how much better their wireless LAN would work if it had been properly surveyed, designed, secured and monitored.

As with the previous response, we would welcome your call.

Matthew Wheeler

Blue Modal

New Member

Re: Asking a good question?

Greetings Matthew,

Thank you for your resonse.

As I must state up front:

I am in absolutely no position to offer any kind of

monetary or introductory renumeration for your

applicable intelligence and experience, nor can

I offer the hope, the chance or the exclusionary

benefit of such a relationship that may exist between

me as employee and my employer which may tempt

the slightest reason to give false assumptions that I have

the resources and the power and the will to do otherwise.

That said, I am at the bottom of the ladder with no influence.

I am challenged to figure this stuff out. My orderfillers

are grateful for my efforts. No one else.

You are exactly right in point #2. This is what happened in this


And I totally agree with #1, but I sure am learning a lot!!

And it is possible to isolate and begin the learning process,

so it is not impossible. In fact, I see lot of the external stuff in these

forums sharing many circumstances as my "internal" environment.

Thank you again for your response and consideration,


New Member

Re: Asking a good question?

Feel free to call. I'll even post our Toll-free number: 1-866-2-UNWIRE

I know how frustrating it is to be the guy on the front line and discover that there is no cavalry!

Matthew Wheeler

New Member

Re: Asking a good question?

Greetings Mattew,

You understand!

A very slow process.

I am taking a lot of the language involved in these

unique situations you repsond to and researching


I would like to end this particular thread and

begin a new one with some specific questions.

Thank you again for your effort and understanding.


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