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Assignment of static ip address to DSL user

I need to assign static ip to one of my user connects via DSL to our router. Generally all DSL users get IP from IP Pool configured on router. Can any one help with the configuration on router for static IP assignment.


Re: Assignment of static ip address to DSL user

what you can do it use a dhcp 'reservation' if you like. this way you can configure the ip to be provided by dhcp but it will act as 'static' as it could never change as long as the reservation is available.

in order to provide a 'static' dhcp ip address, aka reservation, you need to know the MAC address of the device connecting to you. with the MAC address, you can create the dhcp reservation on your dhcp server.

if you're using IOS for dhcp, a reservation would look like the following:

router(config)# ip dhcp pool DLSUSERS

router(config-dhcp)# host /24

router(config-dhcp)# client-identifier 0008.1234.abcd (or hardware-address 0008.1234.abcd)

router(config-dhcp)# client-name DSLUSER1

please see the following link for more info:


Re: Assignment of static ip address to DSL user

qpulos is right, but when using client-identifier you need to add 01 at the beginning of the MAC (for ethernet media type). So for the mac he listed, I would normally do:


I have seen a few cases where it does not see it with the leading 01 however, so your best bet is to set up a dynamic pool, and do a "show ip dhcp binding" to see what MAC it is showing.

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