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auto provsioning with wcs and 4404 controlers

i'm about to add several new controlers to my network and would like to use the Auto provisioning feature to help out.

the only problem i have is i havn't got involved in setting up the DHCP on a the network that is managed by our server team so i need to be able to tell them which opttion i need to us to point a new controller to the TFTP server on the WCS to get its configuration.

a quick guide to the setup is, the controllers are on 1 subnet, the wcs is one server on another subnet and the DHCP is on a second server. the router sitting in the middle of all this has the ip helper address set to point to the dhcp server and the controllers are picking up an ip address but not their config.

any ideas guessing as i said it's a DHCP option need setting.

Many Thanks,


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Re: auto provsioning with wcs and 4404 controlers

configure S6,S15 and S66

You should mention the config file in any of the following name in the tftp server

controllermac-config,serialno-config, ciscowlc-config,ciscowlc.cfg

Make sure you have a service port connectivity to the controller

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