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Automatic Choosing least or non interfering Channel on aeronet 1310 bridge?

I have a new Cisco 1310 wireless bridge (a pair).Already an old p2p link is working using same 1310 model.But when i start new device there is interference.Though I tried to use non-interfering channels 1,6,11 (if i am wrong plz correct me).

why interference?? may be some other devices in the air....

question. there provision that Cisco automatically changes channels when there is interference?? Suppose I manually assigned channel 1 on old pair of p2p cisco 1310 device and channel 6 (or channel 11) on new set of radio 1310 link ....still if there is interference due to other devices in the atmosphere,then can cisco automatically change the channel or not.Manually its not practical to do so.

The device is with European standard.

thnx in advance

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Re: Automatic Choosing least or non interfering Channel on aeron

I forgot to add following points:

01.device using integrated patch antenae (old p2p and new p2p)

02.2.4 Ghz frequency

03.old and new devices are just 1 feet away from each other on the roof

Note:Its not possible to move them away!

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