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Baisc Aironet 1100 configuration question

Pardon my ignorance, but I have never worked with an Aironet 1100. The device I encountered is active and connected to an internal network.

My objective is to keep the ssid and password the same but relocate to a different site that is connected our network.

1. How do I identify the current IP address on the Aironet 1100 access point?

2. Does the Access Point recevies a DHCP IP or, can I hard code an IP to the access point.

3. Where can I find documentation on baisc configuration.

Thanks you in advance for any help,


Re: Baisc Aironet 1100 configuration question

In answer to your questions:

1. If it's picking up a DHCP address, check your DHCP server to see which one it's leased. If it's hard to tell, get the APs MAC address (printed on it) and check the DHCP server for that.

2. An AP will try and obtain a DHCP address at boot time, if it can't lease on it falls back to a default IP address ( I think).

3. Search for the IOS config guide relating to the IOS version on the AP. Once you know it's IP address, you can open a web browser, connect to it's web page (default username/password Cisco/Cisco) and go through the Express Setup and Express Security menu options. That should get you started.

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