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Barcode printers disassociation

Having a problem wih intermec PM4i barcode printers with wireless network cards  disassociating from a 5508 controller in a production plant, The printers have ip address that have a static IP address that is from vlan 2 ( wlan that the printers connect to) while the AP that they are connecting to the network is on vlan 201. The printer once connected will stay connected for about 1 hour then lose association, once they are powered cycle they come back up with the proper connections.

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Re: Barcode printers disassociation

Do you have 802.11b low-speed data rates enabled?

Is your printer SSID broadcasting?

Are you using OPEN authentication?

Re: Barcode printers disassociation

- Were your printers working fine before? if yes; when the problem exactly started to appear?
- What are the APs model you have?

- Do your intermec devices have latest firmware? if not you can consider upgrading them to the latest.

- Why do your devices disconnect at the first place? is that because the session-timeout that is configured under your SSID? what is the configured session-timeout under your SSID?

- What is the code version you are running?


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