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New Member

Bermuda Triangle of WiFi...

SOHO application has major WiFi interference. Home built of wood and drywall. Original design used Linksys AP on first and second floors. Second floor AP couldn't transmit cleanly beyond 10 feet.

Eliminated all devices with the potential to cause interference with no result.

Replaced AP with US Robotics 8054. A little bit better, but still poor. Added a variety of Hawking Tech high gain directional antennae and even a 500mw booster. Again, better, but still an intermittent connection.

Have watched signal quality increase and degrade randomly. Sometimes, even when the signal is strong, the data is so corrupted, transfer is not maintained.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what my next steps should be?

New Member

Re: Bermuda Triangle of WiFi...

Are there any 2.4 Ghz Phones around? At home the WiFi cuts out whenever the phone rings.

New Member

Re: Bermuda Triangle of WiFi...


Are you using a radio or g radion. If you are using g radio then I would suggest you to try with a radio.

I am not very sure if this will have a significant effect.


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