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Best Antenna selection for high ceilings

I was having a discussion with a co-worker as to the best antenna to use in high-ceiling environments, as in 25 feet or higher.  He was in favor of using a high gain, omni, such as a the AIR-ANT1728.  I was against this form of antenna due to their increased horizontal radiation and decrease of vertical.  I was more in favor of an antenna similar to AIR-ANT2430V-R.  I've seen succesful deployments with both options, but curious what the community has to say on the matter.  Any input or real world observations would be fantastic.

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Re: Best Antenna selection for high ceilings

Well.. I too have seen both and both will work, just depends on if they mount the antenna right and if the survey provides for adequate coverage and overlap. So it depends if the antenna is mounted at 25' or maybe 45'. The more down tilt the antenna had, the more coverage you will get below.

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