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best practices on wlc

¿someone  know  how many users are recommended by Cisco for ap model 1040 and 1140?. The environment is with a WLC 5508 used in a campus School where normal access is surfing on internet. I have 300 clients wireless in 9 AP's models 1040 and 1140 

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 The client association limit


The client association limit is dependent on the flash size of an AP. Both 1040 and 1140 have 32 MB of flash , but even for the low-end models (with 16MB flash), an AP can service upto 128 clients in an LW deployment.


Please see the reference URL for detail on the question. It also gives you the limit per radio on an AP.


Practically speaking for general internet use, i think it will be fine for upto 40 user devices per AP, as long as everyone is not watching youtube or streaming online lectures etc.


And if you have critical data requirement for users in an area, 20-25 users per AP can happily do high speed data like streaming etc.



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Hiwhat kind of traffic /


what kind of traffic / applications use the network users ?

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Best practice is to keep 25

Best practice is to keep 25-30 Clients per access point.

Also it depends on the kind of traffic which is passing through Voice/Video/Data.



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