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BR-340 Associations problems

I have a outdoor wireless link bridge-to-bridge. the distance between the sites is 8 km. the power level of the link is 51% (trans.) 56% (recep.) quality of signal is 70% (out) 76%(in). the line of sight is perfect.

My problem is, the bridges loose the connections every day, but, I don't change the configuration. The SSID is the same, WEP key too.

Somebody can help me to fix this problem?

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Re: BR-340 Associations problems

Do you know how many times per day it drops, and at what time? There may be a specific evant causing interference - or even a power failure at one bridge.

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Re: BR-340 Associations problems

I once had a problem like that. A link that had been working for months suddenly stopped working every day between 09:00 and 18:00. I suppose there was some kind of interference that I could not identify . Changing the channel was not enough I had to change the root bridge to repeater and of course the repeater bridge to root. Its been working ever since. Hope this might be of some help.

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Re: BR-340 Associations problems

I had a similar problem.

The problem we identified were faulty antennas (Yagi). We replaced the antennas and they work fine now.

A couple of our techs had attempted to turn the antennas and popped off the outer cover and ben the actual metal antenna inside the cylinder.

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